Interview with Geraldine Demme

Why did you enter the Prix Vogel?

Vogel & Vogel is the leading law firm in the field of economic law in France. My book " Le droit des restrictions verticales” (Vertical Restraints Law) is the result of academic research that opened the university career. However, I wanted my work to keep a close link with the professional world, the daily reality of companies. That's why I wanted to submit my book to a jury of lawyers, in-house counsel and business leaders to find out if the dual objective I had set for myself had been achieved.

A year on, in what way has the prize been of benefit to you?

Winning the Prix Vogel has had positive impact in two ways for me. First the generous cash prize allowed me to finance research trips abroad. It has increased my visibility. I have been contacted by legal journals to write articles and comment on judgments. At the same time, I am currently looking into joining a firm of law practitioners.

In your view, what qualities are needed to participate in the Prix Vogel?

I think that the candidates with the best chance of success are those who combine an innovative and first-rate approach from an academic point of view with a subject that is at the heart of current concerns in the business world.
Good luck to future applicants!