The Jury

le prix 2017 en chiffres

coups de coeur

Fully reflecting the principle aim of the Prix Vogel de droit économique, the jury is composed of eminent figures from the business sector and experts and practitioners of what in France is referred to as “economic law”. The following have been part of the jury:

Louis Vogel
President du jury,
Founding Partner, Vogel & Vogel

Joseph Vogel
Founding Partner, Vogel & Vogel

François Audran
General Counsel, Banque Rothschild

Pascal Belmin
Head of European Law, Competition Law and Legal Lobbying, Airbus

Yannick Chalmé
General Counsel, L'Oréal Group

Renaud Champetier de Ribes
General Counsel France,
Turkey and Middle East,
Scheider Electric Industrie

Hervé Delannoy
General Counsel, Rallye SA

Stéphanie Fougou
President, AFJE

Gérard Gardella
Head of Legal, Société Générale Group

Michèle Grandjon-Legendre
General Counsel Veolia Group

Jean-François Guillemin
Former Secrretary General, Bouygues

Peter Herbel
Former General Counsel, Total Group

Christine Kerdeliant
Former Editor-in-Chief, Express-Roularta Group

Bernard Kuhn
General Counsel LVMH

Pierre Perroy
General Counsel, SNELAC

Isabelle Roux-Chenu
General Counsel, Cap Gemini

Vincent Savesi
Former General Counsel, CNH France

Philippe Sumeire
General Counsel, SEB

Jean Weiss
Former Senior Vice President, Express-Roularta

Interview with jury member Jean-François Guillemin – former Secretary General of Bouygues

In your view, in what way is the Prix Vogel original?

The originality of the Vogel Prize lies above all in its practicality. It is awarded to an author or researcher in a field that is all too often considered secondary, it serves as a reminder of how fundamental the law is for economic life. Particularly in our country which does not have a long experience of competition and regulation, it seems to me essential to highlight those at the forefront of thinking on the development of economic law. The entries that stood out shows for us show that research is alive and tangible, that it can be a strategic support tool for economic players and also for regulators and public authorities.

What lesson do we learn from the first edition of the Prix Vogel?

First of all, I was amazed by the number of foreign nationals who entered the competition. Their participation shows that this prize is reaching its audience and that it meets an expectation. It also reveals how important it is for lawyers to be distinguished by a jury composed of lawyers, practitioners and a major organ of the French press.


I believe that research, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, is not sufficiently recognized in our country and the international nature of the Prix Vogel reminds us that other countries attach much more importance to it. In addition, I was fortunate enough to be the examiner of the winning entry. I can say without hesitation that reading the book was very rewarding for me. Finally, on a personal note, the participation in the jury's proceedings was an opportunity for debate, meetings and exchanges centered on a subject that occupies a large part of my professional life.

What advice would you give to prospective candidates?

In respect of last year’s winning book, I recall that the precision of the subject, the application of the research, the succinctness of the writing and finally the clarity and relevance of the guiding principle, i.e. the thesis defended, were the particular strengths that made Géraldine Demme stand out.