The Prix Vogel at the heart of the business community

The law is certainly the stimulus of social debate and it can provide real, meaningful answers to the many questions posed on a daily basis. The place of the law needs to be acknowledged. We have therefore sought to encourage and value those who, through their research and critical analysis, help to give the law a central focus within society which is all the more essential as France is a country that is somewhat behind in terms of the number of PhD postgraduates in law, thus preventing us from playing our part on the global stage and from doing justice to the excellence of our outstanding legal education. The aim of the Prix Vogel is to reward the author of a work in publication for under two years, either in French or English, on one of the areas in this very important field in which our firm specializes, competition, consumer or distribution law. Our aim is to put the law at the heart of social debate by reinstating the “social engineer” role that lawyers participate in and by promoting professional books or dissertations dealing with the big legal issues facing society.


The Prix Vogel distinguishes authors and researchers in competition, distribution, consumer affairs, regulation, EU internal market law and economic analysis of the law, whose work puts the legal rules in perspective to make innovations possible in practice.



"The creation of the Prix Vogel aims to address the gap between university education and professional career. Its ambition is to distinguish those lawyers whose work brings innovative, practical and useful reflections to businesses".
Louis Vogel
"I think that the candidates with the greatest chance of success are those who combine an innovative approach with academic rigor on a subject at the heart of the current concerns of the business world”.
Géraldine Demme
The work of the candidates shows that research is concrete and thriving, that it can be a strategic tool for economic operators”.
Jean-François Guillemin