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The Prix Vogel is awarded for the best work, in French or in English, on French and/or European competition, distribution, consumer law, regulation, internal market, economic analysis of law.

The 2017 Prix Vogel will be awarded on 21 March 2017

Interview with Louis Vogel

What is the aim of

the Prix Vogel?


The importance of the law needs greater

recognition and this is why we want to

encourage those persons who, through

their research and critical analysis, help to

put the law back in its place right at the

heart of society.

This is all the more essential given that

France is lagging behind other countries

thus preventing us from playing an

international role that does justice to the

training provided.


The Prix Vogel is therefore intended to be a recompense for any work published within the last two years, in either French or English, on one of the areas of law having the most impact on society – competition, regulation, distribution and consumer Law. The objective is to put the law back at the center of the debate by highlighting the "social engineer" role played by lawyers and by promoting the works or professional theses directly addressing social challenges.


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Founder of the Prix Vogel

The Prix Vogel recompenses authors and researchers in competition, distribution and consumer law, regulation, internal market regulations, economic analysis of law whose work offers a perspective to the legal rules allowing innovations in the practice of the law in these areas.


The 2017 Prix Vogel, including a prize of EUR 10,000, will be awarded at a ceremony to take place sponsored by the magazine Le Firaro, L'Express, Bruylant and LawLex, a leading company providing on and offline information in competition, distribution and consumer law.