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If you are the author of a work or a thesis on competition, distribution and consumer law, apply to enter the 2nd Prix Vogel.

Applications must be received by 15 October 2013

Interview with Louis Vogel

What we learned from the first Prix Vogel?


Given the number of entries received last year and the quality of the commitment of the jury members having accompanied us on this adventure, it became clear that the Prix Vogel corresponded to a twofold need: by businesses which have the opportunity to see how the oft-reported gap between university and the business world can be filled through this type of initiative; and by researchers to whom we offer the chance of international recognition for their work.


Rather than just focusing on the legal world, the first Prix Vogel demonstrated how legal innovation and critical thinking can contribute to the opening up of social debate.

This spirit of openness is reflected by the diversity of the works and the variety of nationalities presented.  If the Prix Vogel, which benefits from the support of business magazine L’Expansion, could highlight the key role of general counsel as essential to the performance of a company - as is the case in US and UK companies - we will have achieved our aims. This is not a short-term goal which is why we hope to establish this award over time. 


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Founder of the Prix Vogel