Focus on economic activity


The quality and the diversity of the books submitted by the candidates demonstrate the relevance of the Prix Vogel. The excellent standard of work presented in this first year of the award has been highlighted by the jury members who have recognized that the Prix Vogel has now set the bar at a very high level.


Louis Vogel

The 2013 Prix Vogel


 • 25 works

 • 29 participants, 9 nationalities (Canadian, Turkish, Belgian, French, Hungarian, Greek, Lebanese, French/Spanish, Belgian/Lebanese)

 • 18 theses and 7 works - 22 in French, 3 in English

 • The winner, Ejan MacKaay, for his work "Law and Economics for Civil Law Systems"

 • 3 nominees, Jérôme Chacornac, for his doctoral thesis "Essai sur les fonctions de l’information en droit des instruments financiers", Nathalie Picod, for her doctoral thesis , "La remise de dette en droit privé", Delphine Rooz, for her doctoral thesis "L'intégration du droit de l'Union européenne au sein du droit français des contrats

 • a special distinction awarded to Christian Montet and Florent Venayre, co-authors of "La concurrence à Tahiti : une utopie ?

“An award which reduces the gap between legal theory and legal practice”


Why I entered the Prix Vogel 2013?


In the middle of last century, the image of French culture was, to my mind, very prominent. I rediscover this today even in the declared aim of the Prix Vogel: originality and openness, a quest for excellence at the global level, commitment to, and even pride of French legal culture. Those values seem to me to reflect what is most noble in French culture, legal or otherwise. They are also the values that I have sought to pursue throughout my career.


Why an economic analysis of the law?


An economic analysis brings together legal practice and theory...


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Interview with Ejan Mackaay

Winner 2013