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The quality and the diversity of the books submitted by the candidates demonstrate the relevance of the Prix Vogel. The excellent standard of work presented in this first year of the award has been highlighted by the jury members who have recognized that the Prix Vogel has now set the bar at a very high level.


Louis Vogel

The 2012 Prix Vogel


 • 25 entries comprising 6 different nationalities

 • 13 candidates selected by the jury

 • 13 doctoral theses and 12 books

 • 15 in French and 10 in English

 • 3 finalists selected with 1 winner, Géraldine Demme for her work “Le droit des restrictions verticales”

“An award which reduces the gap between legal theory and legal practice”


Why did you decide to enter the Prix Vogel 2012 ?


Vogel & Vogel is the law firm of reference in the field of competition, consumer and distribution law in France. My book “Le droit des restrictions verticales” [The Law of Vertical Restraints] is the fruit of the research which launched my academic career.

I did however want my work to be closely related to the professional world, the daily realities of businesses and that’s why I wanted to put my work before a jury made up of lawyers, jurists and heads of companies in order to find out if the dual aim I had set myself had been achieved.


One year on, how has this award been of benefit to you?


It has had positive repercussions in two ways. The amount awarded enabled me to finance research trips abroad. It has increased my visibility. I have been contacted by legal reviews to write articles and commentaries on legal decisions. I have also been offered a position to work with a legal practitioner and am currently considering this offer...


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Interview with Géraldine Demme

Winner 2012